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  • Our app AutoMagic Sync has seen an amazing adoption just a few months after its launch and SEO monitor can be credited for most of this success. SEO monitor gave us a clear plan with clear objectives, and consistently over-achieved these objectives. In just a couple of months we appeared in the top ten results for our most important keywords. I look forward to launching new apps with them!

    Nicolas Vandenberghe
    Founder & CEO, Floating Apps
  • We have been working with SEO monitor since the summer of 2013, which gave us plenty of time to be convinced of the importance of the services they offer. Following their recommendations for optimizing the pages and the on-page content – and especially by means of actions taken – our positioning in organic searches has significantly improved. With their help, we managed to reach top positions, positions that we weren't even dreaming about a while ago. As a direct and speedy result, we experienced an increase in the number of visitors and subsequently in the number of orders. A team of SEO - and online - professionals, dynamic, determined and customer-oriented. Smart pioneering solutions. High quality events and a community of remarkable bloggers.

    George Serban
    General Manager, Best Kids
  • SEO monitor is not just another search engine optimisation company; at SEO monitor you will find the 'TEAM' that will do wonders because they have what it takes: know- how, proactivity, enthusiasm and, last but not least, stability. Traffic increasing from month to month, suggestions for improvement, the desire to succeed and rise above expectations – all these make me congratulate myself for the decision to work with them, to work with the best.

    Elena Stoica
    Marketing Manager
  • For us SEO Monitor is a guarantee of success in a market where we intend to be leaders, and the stage where we are now with them gives us confidence that we will succeed

    Adrian Dogaru
    E-commerce Division Manager
  • I really appreciated the professionalism of the team, that they were always up to date (which is vital in an environment governed by constant changes), and the results were far better than expected. I would confidently recommend them to other customers.

    Raluca Georgescu
    Country Manager
  • After 3 months of working with SEO monitor, their results exceeded my expectations. Although their initial evaluations were reserved in comparison with what we were aiming, we decided to give them a chance. It proved to be one of the best business decisions we ever took. Cost / benefit ratio is clearly positive and we will definitely continue to work with SEO monitor for a long time. Thank you.

    Eugen Rasoiu
    Managing Partner
  • We like to work with the best; with the ones that pay attention to details, the best in their line of work, the most dedicated, those who expect more from them than the customer. This is what SEO monitor stands for. Their team increased our traffic level 7 times in a surprisingly short time – 3 months. Conversions came much faster and better than we expected, in perfect accordance with tinaR's goal to bring joy to its customers. In a very short time, SEO monitor naturally came to be seen as one of our brand's team members.

    Rares Jianu

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